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Burn the Witch! Get in good graces with Sigmar, check out the Witch Hunter guide!

Welcome to the site! Here you will find a wealth of information about Games Workshop's new game Mordheim!

"On the last year of the second millennium, five hundred years before the rule of the most benevolent Emperor Karl Franz, there fell a time unlike any other. Just as they had before the birth of divine Sigmar, the wings of fire in the sky again heralded the coming of great things - the coming of plague, the coming of war, the coming of pestilence and hunger.

Though its unholy name is now stricken from the rcords of the Great Library of Altdorf, and its ruins razed by Magnus the Savior of the Empire, I would tell you the tale of the cursed city, brought low by the wrath of gods..."

I would tell you the tale of...


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